SHC manufactures cold heading and cold extruding parts from wire of Ø 2,50 mm to Ø 16,00 mm. If it makes economic sense, we also produce quantities of less than 50.000 pcs. per order.

100 % of the delivered wire (exclusively by certificated suppliers) are calibrated to their final diameter by own wire pre-drawing machines. This ensures highest possible flexibility and a constant, high quality for our clients.

We manufacture – besides usual steel of all kinds – every common material like chrome-nickel-steel (stainless steel), alloy, copper, nickel as well as copper-tin- and copper-zinc-alloys.

Our special concentration lies on the optional, cutting and turning process following the cold heading of the parts. On special, modern automatic lathes we are able to produce nearly every kind of grooves, drill holes (vertical/horizontal), bevels and/or pivots. Quantities of less than 50.000 pcs. per order are possible as well.

A further strength of SHC is our own tool department. 95 % of the required production tools are manufactured here. This ensures a maximum flexibility and short delivery times for our clients.

Manufactured Materials

Cold extruding steels (C4C - C15C (QST 32-3 - QST-38-3))

Case hardening steels (C15E2C (Cq 15), 16MnCr5)

Heat treatable steels (20MnB4, 32B2, 38B2, 41Cr4, 34CrMo4)

Soft magnetic steels (RFe60 - RFe160)

Stainless steels (1.4567, 1.4301, 1.4303, 1.4306, 1.4016)

Aluminium alloys (AlMg1, AlMg3, AlMg5, AlMgSi0.5, AlMgSi1)

Nickel alloys (NiMn1C)

Copper-tin alloys (CuSn2, CuSn4 (Bronze))

Copper-zinc alloys (CuZn36/37 (Brass))

Copper for electrotechnics (E-Cu57, E-Cu58)

All materials according to DIN

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Possible workings

cold heading

cold extruding

thread rolling


Possible machinings





alongside turning


Thermic Treatments


Annealing, vacuum annealing

Hardening, vacuum hardening

Tempering, vaccum tempering

Carburizing, case hardening

Gas-, plasma nitriding

Nitrocarburizing + oxidizing


Surface Treatments

Electrolytic zinc plating (blue, yellow, olive, black)

Brass plating, copper plating

Nickel plating

Phosphate coating

Zinc-nickel coating

Zinc-iron coating

Varnish coating

Non-organic coating (Delta Tone, Dacromet®)

Organic coating (Delta Seal)

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